“The Mighty Ukrainian Warrior” t-shirt by Gary Baseman

Today Buckingham still stands for strength and resilience, even when knocked down by powerful forces. He represents the will to survive, shown today with thousands fighting in Ukraine to keep their country’s sovereignty, and the millions of people fleeing danger who just want to live. That was my father. He just wanted to live and start again, after losing most of his family during the war and being displaced.

–Gary Baseman

Gary Baseman has joined Art for Ukraine, a public initiative aimed to raise charitable funds to support Ukraine by selling various thematic merch and works of art. Contributors are Ukrainian and foreign artists, who have donated their artworks on a volunteer basis, including Baseman.

Inspired by his character The Buckingham Warrior and embracing elements of Ukrainian culture, Baseman produced The Mighty Ukrainian Warrior, a painting calling for peace in the region and supporting the resilience of the Ukrainian people. In this painting, the artist adds the colors of the Ukrainian flag to Buckingham Warrior, whose multiple heads, limbs and antlers when chopped or lopped off grow back with persistence, recognizing the strength and determination of the people of Ukraine.

Art for Ukraine has created a special edition t-shit of the The Mighty Ukrainian Warrior by Gary Baseman available in six different colors. All sales profits will be directed to the urgent needs of Ukraine: army support, IDPs financial aid, as well as reconstruction of destroyed cities and architectural monuments.

Support Art for Ukraine and acquire art from their catalogue here.

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