Baseman’s art at Canter’s

There’s a new good reason to eat at Canter’s! As you probably know, Canter’s has a very special place in Baseman’s heart. This landmark in L.A.’s Fairfax district is where his mom Naomi served as head bakery salesperson for over thirty years, the spot that has inspired many of his drawings, and a place to meet with family and friends. Now you can see some of the many drawings that Baseman has drawn over the years at a special booth dedicated to his work.

“[It] represents the history of the Fairfax District, where I was born and bred. It hasn’t changed, casual and funky and feels like home. You can feel it in the atmosphere, all who have dined in the past 70 or so years… all the Holocaust survivors, rubbing shoulders with all the rock ‘n rollers, mixed with all the Hollywood kids and vampires. I still love the people and ambiance here. This is where I get my fix of matzo ball soup, potato knish with gravy, and always go home with my favorite chocolate rugelach,” Baseman said recently to Rance Collins for an article published at the Beverly Press. Click here to read more…



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