Baseman’s art at Canter’s

There’s a new good reason to eat at Canter’s! As you probably know, Canter’s has a very special place in Baseman’s heart. This landmark in L.A.’s Fairfax district is where his mom Naomi served as head bakery salesperson for over thirty years, the spot that has inspired many of his…

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There’s power in your vote!

Political participation is at the core of democracies around the world. Using his art and his platform, Gary Baseman promotes participation in democracy by encouraging everyone to vote. At the end of 2021, Baseman partnered with Graphika 2022, a creativity conference in the Philippines, hailed as one of the most…

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Art for Peace and Healing

Baseman participates in two benefit events that start this weekend. As always, Baseman donates 100% of his art to benefit these important causes. Add to your collection and support an important cause. ART FOR PEACE April 15–17, 2022, 11am–5pm PT in-person +COOP 7274 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles Online catalog HERE Gary Baseman…

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Toby is out and about!

To all Baseman fans, thanks for welcoming Toby into your digital collection! Partnering with VeVe Digital Collectibles, a New Zealand-based non-fungible token (NFT) digital collectible app, Baseman created a digital and environmentally friendly new version of Toby, beyond his existing manifestations in fine art, fashion and toy design. This new digital…

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Delayed delivery of Nightmares of Halloween Past

To Baseman fans and Nightmares of Halloween Past backers! We hear you and we’re with you. It’s late March and we’ve been excited to finally receive the Nightmares of Halloween book by Gary Baseman. Please know that we’re committed to keeping our collectors and followers informed.  The delivery date of…

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Join the VeVe digital collectible revolution!

Partnering with VeVe, a New Zealand-based non-fungible token (NFT) digital collectible app, Baseman expands Toby’s world. Beyond his manifestations in fine art, fashion and toy design, Toby gets transformed into a digital collectible. Created to be your best friend and keeper of secrets, who loves you unconditionally, Toby invites you to…

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