Reflections on the Pandemic (Part 1)

Gary Baseman carries a sketchbook with him everywhere. However, last year in March, like the rest of the world, the artist self-isolated at home as the life-altering pandemic hit us. Transforming everyday observations and experiences into art, Baseman expresses in his long-running visual diary his personal reflections on Covid-19. Drawn…

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Special Glam Ahwroos Photo Shoot

With a penchant for spectacle, Glam Ahwroo descends onto Earth to shine a light on all. Before shipping out to destinations around the globe, Gary Baseman brought all the glamorous dreamcoat-attired Ahwroos to his Los Angeles childhood home for a last-hurrah photo shoot. Sold out soon after its exclusive release…

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Welcome, Bosko Baseman!

Gary Baseman is proud to welcome a new member of his family: Bosko Baseman. This cute rescue cat was named after one of Baseman’s favorite painters, El Bosco (Hieronymus Bosch) and Baseman’s favorite chocolate syrup as a kid, BOSCO. Although Bosko has big paws to fill, walking in the shadow of Blackie the Cat, Baseman wants him…

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Blackie the Cat’s Memorial Brick at Kitty Bungalow

On January 5, 2021, Gary Baseman attended a special memorial at Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats honoring Blackie the Cat with a special brick on the Cat Walk of Fame. The brick’s inscription includes “The Power of Purr,” a reminder of Blackie’s special healing powers. Blackie the Cat…

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Watch Baseman at Copa Domestika

Need inspiration? Check out this Master Talk by Gary Baseman at Copa Domestika which took place in Bogotá on September 28, 2019. Baseman shares the passionate story of how he turned his best friend Blackie the Cat into a source of endless inspiration for many of his projects.  

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