New Drawing Series “Bosko: The Happy Troublemaker”

From the mind of Gary Baseman, a new and playful drawing series will be released on Thursday, June 3, 2021, featuring Bosko, the Baseman family’s newest member. This cute rescue cat was named after one of Baseman’s favorite painters, El Bosco (Hieronymus Bosch) and Baseman’s favorite chocolate syrup as a kid. Offered for the first time ever, get exclusive access to these new original drawings that capture the beginning of Bosko and Gary’s many adventures! This offer will be only available for those on our Collector’s private list.

In order to access the exclusive online gallery, please email us at

Who’s Bosko?

Bosko is an 8-month old kittten adopted by Baseman in January 2021. Like all animals that come into the artist’s life, Bosko has provided much inspiration, entertainment, and companionship.

In the last few months Bosko has explored Los Angeles with the artist on walks, picnics at the park, climbing on trees, and making new friends. Drawn in his short pants, bowtie, and special striped jacket and hat, young Bosko is the curious kitten that gets into trouble everywhere he goes, including on Baseman’s head!

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