Baseman draws Moby in new documentary

Don’t miss Baseman’s latest collaboration with musical artist Moby. In “Moby Doc,” musician, DJ, photographer, author, and animal rights activist Moby reflects on his personal life and musical career. Directed and edited by Rob Gordon Bravler, this film includes long-time friends Julie Mintz, David Lynch, David Bowie and Gary Baseman, along with concert and archival footage from the past 30 years of Moby’s career.

Released May 28, 2021 in theaters and on digital, the film features Baseman in conversation with and drawing Moby at his restaurant Little Pine. Baseman’s art is animated specially for this project, including a passage in which Moby shares a lesson he learned as a tiny, little baby: “Animals are nice and people are terrifying.”

Check out the trailer here and visit to learn more about how to watch it from your location.

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