Blackie the Greatest Strolling Cat

Blackie the Cat took his first stroll down the street in March 2020. While battling hyperthyroidism, chronic kidney and heart disease, Gary Baseman’s sweet companion learned how to use his healing powers by going on daily walks with his human who followed him everywhere he went.

Documenting over one hundred hours of video of Blackie’s strolls, Baseman learned from his feline friend how to be resilient while isolated during the first six months of the pandemic. Inspired by these strolls, Baseman created a special sketchbook that beautifully chronicles this friendship.

As the artist says, “Through Blackie the Cat’s strolls, he taught me how to concentrate on my own walk and hikes. He also taught me the most important lesson: ‘Life is about the journey and not the destination.'”

Check out some of the videos captured by Baseman by following him on Instagram here.


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