Baseman x Flat Bonnie present Flat Toby

Toby is back!

Gary Baseman x Flat Bonnie have teamed up to offer the iconic character Toby, everyone’s best friend who loves unconditionally.
An edition of 50, this monochromatic Flat Toby made of cruelty-free vinyl fabric is entirely handmade in Los Angeles. That means hours of work for each and every single one. Thanks to the tremendously talented Yukari Fujimoto of Flat Bonnie for her fine craftmanship and longstanding collaboration in making small- and large-scale sculptures of Baseman characters, displayed globally.

The first 20 Flat Tobys will be available at DCON. Editions 21-50 will ship late January 2022. The general release of Flat Toby will be Tuesday, November 16.


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