Exclusive New Art Print: The Portrait of Toby


Created in 2014, the original painting of The Portrait of Toby traveled internationally as part of The Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery featuring the work of 100+ international artists, designers and illustrators. In this artwork, Baseman explores one of the most transformed genres in art history by creating a portrait honoring one of his most beloved characters: Toby. Accompanied by other Baseman characters and loyal friends Creamy, Venison, Dumb Luck, ChouChou, Ahwroo, WildGirl and Hotchachacha, Toby remains a central figure in Baseman’s world.

Originally created as an acrylic painting, Baseman Studio has made an affordable fine art print available HERE now.
Shipping from the webstore will begin the week of November 15.

The Portrait of Toby
Edition of 100, signed and numbered by Gary Baseman
20 x 16 in. (image 17 x 13 in.)

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