The Purr Room

“Living in this time of great stress and anxiety, I felt compelled to share with the public Blackie’s gift through this art experience at The Other Art Fair. Blackie the Cat has inspired important characters and themes in international exhibitions of mine, like ChouChou, who takes away negative energy and hate in ‘I Melt in Your Presence’ as well as ‘Hide and Seek in the Forest of ChouChou,’ and Ahwroo from ‘Vicious,’ who draws blood when he wants attention and affection.” – Gary Baseman


Following his Guest Artist appearance at The Other Art Fair Los Angeles in October 2018, Gary Baseman continued traveling the Purr Room to The Other Art Fair London this past March 2019. As part of this immersive art installation, the artist encourages attendees to reflect upon what hurts, what matters, and what heals. Before entering the Purr Room, visitors are asked to pause and think about who they love unconditionally, what a hug feels like, and to draw a favorite pet. After this orientation, a single person or small group enter The Purr Room to listen and feel the “power of purr.” If you are interested in bringing this immersive experience to your city or country, please contact Baseman Studio here.

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