Dunces are obedience school dropouts, rule-breakers with attitude and individuality. CopyCat’s a cheat, Fib’s a liar, Ditch always misses class, Re-tardy is always late, and Goody2Shoes is a tattletale. The Dunces represent the annoying (or heroic) kids of our childhood.

Originally part of the Sony Vanimals series in 2003 measuring 4 inches tall, Critterbox produced a larger and more exclusive version in 2006 measuring 12 inches. This rare production came in a specially-designed package in the shape of a dunce cap, encouraging many collectors to display their Dunces unpacked. In 2014 for Baseman’s exhibition Play with Me, Or Else, the Dunces were made even larger at 4 feet tall, displayed at Groove@CentralWorld in Bangkok, Thailand.


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