Happy Birthday, Baseman and Bosko!

September brings birthday celebrations to both artist Gary Baseman and Bosko!

This month we celebrate the life and creativity of Gary Baseman, whose childhood memories continue to influence his art and festive spirit. The image below shows Gary at his birthday party at his childhood home. Birthdays have always been special celebrations for the artist, who enjoys gathering with friends and family for cake and other goodies. Costumes always encouraged!

Raised in the Fairfax Village of Los Angeles in the 1960s and 70s, during a time when neighbors would knock on your door and ask you to come out and play, childhood also brought Baseman into the rich world of pop culture and TV. The color, drama, and humor of cartoons, monster movies, and board games like Mousetrap continue to bring inspiration to the artist. He takes from childhood the important lesson of life: Play!

One year ago Bosko landed at a foster home with his two sisters. Originally named Inkstone (his sisters were Inkblot and Inkwell), Bosko joined the Baseman household in early 2021 when he was about 4 months old. He has grown into an adventurous explorer, leaping before looking, and rummaging through Baseman’s art and collectibles. Bosko shares the valuable lesson: Explore!

May another year bring wonder, hope, and discovery to us all.

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