A Lovely Stroll Down Memory Lane for Blackie the Cat

Since Blackie the Cat’s passing last year in August, Gary Baseman has carried the memory of his beloved companion through his artwork.

Recently, Baseman gathered with close friends and fans for a private memorial for Blackie at the Cat. Photographer and journalist Maggie St. Thomas was in attendance, and interviewed Baseman in the recently posted “A Lovely Stroll Down Memory Lane for Blackie the Cat” published by Jerk of All Trades Magazine.

Fans of Baseman and Blackie have reached out through social media to express their shared love of this special cat. In one message, a fan commented, “Blackie the Cat has undoubtedly left behind a magical and mystical legacy which we’ve all had the pleasure of being part of.” Another addressed the artist, “Blackie had a wonderful life with you, and now he’s running in neverending catnip fields and protecting you as your guardian angel.”

Animals have a special place in Baseman’s heart. It’s no wonder that they find their way into his art. As the artist wrote in Blackie’s memorial booklet: “We’re reminded of the passage of time and change that is inevitable. The hope through all of it is to learn and live with compassion.”

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