Baseman’s MAGIC: THE GATHERING Secret Lair card series is out! 

Updated 10/2/23: Sales of Baseman’s MAGIC Secret Lair cards ended Oct 1, 2023. Secret Lair cards were available for a limited time only.

We are so excited that Baseman is part of the Secret Lair Fall 2023 Superdrop. This special collection, foil or non-foil edition, is available now through the end of September.

Baseman soaked in the complex realm of MAGIC, interpreting with his signature style five different environments of the plains, island, swamp, mountain, and forest. Each has its own vibe and atmosphere, with creatures that are fun or foreboding, whether predator or prey. 

With each land’s unique weather and terrain, the set creates a panorama that moves from dry heat to pleasant cool waters, from sticky wetness up a dangerous climb, then down through mysterious trees. This Secret Lair series is a journey through Baseman’s mind. He dives deep, then comes out in the end with a unique perspective of this classic card game of MAGIC: THE GATHERING.

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