Gary Baseman’s entrance into the premium digital collectible realm began in 2022 with his trademark character Toby, who has been featured in fine art, photography, video, performance, advertising, fashion and toy design. Known as everyone’s “best friend” and “keeper of secrets,” Toby is an all-knowing and compassionate cat with a great sense of curiosity and adventure.

Series 1 introduces Toby on the move, never sitting still, because he is the seeker of truth and understanding. His curiosity drives him to float and fly, listen and laugh, and best of all, welcomes all into the conversation. He wants to get to know everyone and everything, He crosses borders and disarms all with his toothy smile and open arms. He’s the kind of guy that everyone wants to be around. He is everyone’s best friend and loves all unconditionally. In Spring 2023, collectors of the full set received a airdrop of Golden Toby.

In March 2023, VeVe released digital versions of artwork created for Baseman’s New Zealand show Memento Moa, featuring his new character Manny Moa.

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