The Nine Lives of Blackie the Cat

In his nearly 18 years of life, Blackie the Cat contributed greatly to Gary Baseman’s art world, inspiring multifaceted original characters designed by the artist and collaborating on a number of interdisciplinary projects like The Purr Room. During their last months together in this world, Blackie the Cat served as inspiration for Baseman to create this special drawing series The Nine Lives of Blackie the Cat that celebrates him and his unconditional friendship. Baseman’s interpretations of his feline companion expand the artist’s traditional thematic explorations, showing appreciation for iconic films and fashion, as well as the attributes that made Blackie the Cat unique.

Also a special edition was created to celebrate two important holidays for the artist: Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and Halloween. Using elements and figures from both iconic Mexican and American holidays, Baseman imagines his departed friend Blackie the Cat in good company with Catrinas, Skeletons and Magis in the spirit world as they wait to return to celebrate with those they left behind.



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