Dr. Martens 

The summer of 2016 Dr. Martens launched a new four-piece capsule collection featuring Baseman’s colorful, animated twist on the classic 1460 boot and 1461 shoe, alongside two t-shirts, decorated with images of Hotchachacha and exclusive new character Punk Toby. 

When asked about his relationship with Dr. Martens, he responds: 

I’ve been digging around lately in my storage for my old pair of Dr. Marten’s. The shoes help define one of the most important decades in popular culture, but also a major force culturally through music and art. I like what Dr. Marten’s represents that appeals to me, the idea of walking to one’s own tune, walking against the norm, walking in a way like floating on air because one isn’t interested in walking down a straight line. I always walk on the razor’s edge. 

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