COACH SS 2015 Women’s Collection

COACH Creative Director Stuart Vevers invited Gary Baseman to develop an in-depth character study for the COACH Spring 2015 collection. For this collaboration Baseman created a secret society of imaginary creatures (Wild Beasts) including Buster Le Fauve, Buddy Boy, Emmanuel Hare Ray, and Kiki. This collaboration was the first of several COACH projects that Baseman would do with Vevers . Future projects included another collection of handbags and accessories, a Men’s Collection, plus events that brought this whimsical world to life.

“I think it has a kind of odd, cool, rock ’n’ roll attitude,” says Vevers, who cites the pattern as one of his favorite elements to come out of the collaboration. “Just the fact that it has Gary’s hand in it, to me, makes it really special and unique. That’s what you get from working with an artist; there’s something much more rich behind it.”

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