SHOUT YOUR SUPPORT FOR DEMOCRACY with Baseman’s 2020 Elections Vote t-shirt. Available only at, this special design reflects the artist’s belief in the people’s right to vote.

In the US, the fight to preserve democracy is at play as we simultaneously battle the COVID-19 crisis. With possible fewer polling places and challenges to mail-in and early voting, voter suppression could disempower citizens who simply want a say in who leads this country.

Using his art and his platform, Gary Baseman continues to promote participation in democracy. No matter which candidates or initiatives you believe in, please VOTE!

ORDER your VOTE t-shirt by Gary Baseman NOW! Proudly made in LA, these premium quality t-shirts are available in three different colors in both unisex/men’s and women’s sizes. Collect all the colors for your wardrobe, or get extras to share with your friends and family.

NOVEMBER 3rd is the big day for US Elections. Make sure you’re registered. Click here for more information.


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