Strolling Print “Early Bird” Special ends 4/22/24

Blackie the Cat lives on through the art of Gary Baseman. Last week marked the anniversary of two important dates.

In celebration of these anniversaries, we’re releasing Strolling. Early birds get a special price for a limited time. 

Order HERE. Shipping will begin in one week from today. 

March 28, 2006 Blackie the Cat’s adopts Gary Baseman. Originally his neighbor’s cat and known around the block already as the “mayor”, Blackie welcomed Gary into his new neighborhood. He would wear many hats in his human companion’s life. HIs first role was as a healer, inspiring Baseman’s character ChouChou that takes negative energy and hate.

March 26, 2020 Blackie the Cat reinvented himself as the “The World’s Greatest Strolling Cat” on this date, when the world began to shut down and we physically distanced ourselves from our loved ones. We remember well the chaos and fear of that time, and Blackie, as usual, turned things around for us to feel less anxious. 

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