Special Glam Ahwroos Photo Shoot

With a penchant for spectacle, Glam Ahwroo descends onto Earth to shine a light on all.

Before shipping out to destinations around the globe, Gary Baseman brought all the glamorous dreamcoat-attired Ahwroos to his Los Angeles childhood home for a last-hurrah photo shoot. Sold out soon after its exclusive release on February 4, 2021, this pack has spread out to 16 lucky collectors.

Blasting into the new year of 2021, Baseman played glam rock-n-roll music while painting this pack by hand, singing “All the young Ahwroos, carry the news! Cosmic Dancers! Let’s dance ourselves out of the womb!” The artist continues to bring bittersweet and beautiful spirit and joy to his work with these dynamic and ever-changing howling characters.


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