Holiday Goth Ahwroo Greetings from Gary Baseman

The world has been turned upside down. We’ve had a (expletive) year, but at least we have a new incoming president. Thank you to all who shouted out for democracy with my VOTE t-shirts, and for using your power at the polls. I know that not everyone would vote the way I do, or live in the US or in democratic countries, and that’s ok. 

We are ALL living, however, with a plague that is real. Most of us (hopefully) aren’t traveling or gathering with friends and family the way we used to. Covid-19 cases are surging. The US beats out all countries with almost 14 million cases to date. The death toll in the US alone is at least 275,000. A week from now, December 3, 2020, these numbers will be higher. It’s no surprise that mortality is on my mind. 

This holiday season, I’m offering hand-painted Ahwroos. In quarantine, like a 14th-century monk illustrating manuscripts, I’ve applied brush strokes in meditation, painting away on my 3D Ahwroos in my raw style. I’ve been reflecting on living, surviving, and the influence of those who have passed. I persist in making art and taking long, long walks – inspired by Blackie the Cat’s strolls done in sickness and in health. Through my art, I’ve always tried to celebrate the beauty in bittersweetness.

Here’s to a new era. May we all of us show tolerance, and share love and compassion.

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