Finding Inspiration Around the World with Baseman

Thank you to all who have signed up for Gary Baseman’s Make Art Your Own course with Domestika! 

From old time fans to new artists and creators who are just getting to know Baseman’s work, this course has brought together people from around the world to make art. Some of those places, although geographically far, are close to Gary’s art and have influenced him and his work.

Countries like South Africa, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Colombia, and Japan have served as an inspiration for many of the artist’s drawings that live inside of some of his more than one hundred sketchbooks. 

Always making art, Baseman documents his global experiences through drawings in the sketchbook that he always carries, interpreting the unique landscapes and cultures that broaden his worldview, and hopefully that of viewers of his art. 

How do you find inspiration in your country or other countries to create your own art? Share your own sketchbook creations with the hashtag #GaryBasemanDomestika

If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t miss  this opportunity to explore your artistic identity click here and find out more. 


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