Blackie the Cat’s Memorial Brick at Kitty Bungalow

On January 5, 2021, Gary Baseman attended a special memorial at Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats honoring Blackie the Cat with a special brick on the Cat Walk of Fame. The brick’s inscription includes “The Power of Purr,” a reminder of Blackie’s special healing powers.

Blackie the Cat Baseman took his last breath early Saturday morning, August 22, 2020. In his nearly 18 years of life, he contributed greatly to the art world, inspiring multifaceted original characters designed by Gary Baseman and collaborating on a number of interdisciplinary projects.

Back in 2019, Baseman, Blackie and Kitty Bungalow created a special Power of Purr t-shirt exclusively designed for Kitty Bungalow. All proceeds benefited this nonprofit organization in Los Angeles helping to save some vulnerable felines-feral cats and kittens. Kitty Bungalow is California’s only 100% feral cat rescue and socialization facility. Made up of 100% weekly volunteers, they use force-free socialization techniques, take street cats from “hiss to home.”

Special thanks to Shelley Leopold who facilitated and sponsored this special memorial to Blackie the Cat.



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