Baseman’s MAGIC Secret Lair cards – Sales END Oct 1

40 million people around the world play Magic: The Gathering, and the Secret Lair cards are among the rarest and most coveted.

MAGIC commissioned Gary Baseman to create a cycle of lands in his own distinct style. Playful, otherworldly, sweet and dark, this project gave Baseman a look into the game that appeals to players’ competitive and creative sides.

Read HERE Donny Caltrider’s article about Baseman for Hipsters of the Coast. He says:

I admit I went further down the rabbit hole than I usually do for these articles. Baseman’s work is an interesting subject matter; it’s simple, and yet there is so much underneath the surface. His paintings transport the viewer to somewhere entirely different, and yet it still feels relatable, and feels like home.

Sales of Baseman’s MAGIC Secret Lair cards ended Oct 1, 2023.
Secret Lair cards were available for a limited time only. And then they’re gone!

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