Baseman Celebrates The Last Unicorn – Print Available

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the film “The Last Unicorn” and for a group exhibition held in conjunction at Corey Helford Gallery, Baseman painted The Last Kittyland: Beverly Park & The Pony Rides, reinterpreting Mommy Fortuna’s Midnight Carnival and the creatures of night brought to light. 

The painting features the Last Unicorn, Molly Grue, Schmendrick (as Baseman’s original character Toby), Manticore, the Midgard Serpent, Calaeno the harpy, and the Red Bull. The title The Last Kittyland refers to a place that does not or no longer exists; in this case, it is Beverly Park, an early amusement park that inspired Disneyland. 

A special limited edition print is available HERE.

Open through January 21, 2023
Corey Helford Gallery, curated by Sweet Streets

“It’s been 40 years since the movie came out and the unicorn’s journey still to this day captures the hearts and the minds of fans all over the world… The unicorn’s story resonates with so many people because her world that she lives in is not this pure, innocent fantasy world. The story grapples with a lot of adult themes and feelings, and so her world is very much a messy one like our own, and I think a lot of people can take away from that in these uncertain times.”     –Caro Buermann

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