Ahwroo drops on VeVe 15 June at 8am PT

Update as of June 16, 2024: Series 1 of Ahwroo SOLD OUT! Thanks, VeVe Fam!

Ahwroo-ooooo! Howl and mark your calendars. VeVe drops Ahwroo this Saturday at 8am Pacific in blind box Waitlist format.

Ahwroo joins the digital world like his pal Toby, collectible only through VeVe. If you’re not already a collector through this platform, download the app and check out VeVe 101 here. Once you’ve acquired Ahwroo, you’ll be able to place him wherever you want through AR.

Like many misunderstood creatures, Ahwroo’s heart is full of longing. Love and desire turn him vicious and wild.

Series 1 shows the multifaceted nature of Ahwroo, whose skin and blood are affected by forces of nature that are beyond his control. The different colorways suggest rich narratives of love, from unattainable desire to jealous possessiveness to faith and true love.


Original Ahwroo
Original Ahwroo may seem to be in a state of calm before the storm, but his blood is already boiling over in love with you! Only his fangs show a hint of who he is as the beast who loves with dangerous zeal.


Extra Bloody Ahwroo
Extra Bloody Ahwroo sacrifices his own blood to express his strong desire for someone unattainable. A victim of his own being, hot blood surges through his veins to the point he starts seeping out from within. Extra Bloody Ahwroo loves to mix his blood with yours. His passion is the most dangerous and deep –– a love so messy, it will take a hazmat team to clean up!


True Blue Ahwroo
True Blue Ahwroo (aka VeVe Blue) is THE MOST LOYAL of Baseman’s vicious beasts. He comes from a long line of bluebloods: noble and pure with royal blood that flows through his veins. True Blue Ahwroo lives on the edge of Heaven and Earth, where the oxygen is so faint it fails to turn his blood red. Deliriously passionate, he’s not afraid to wear his heart on the outside. But is his heart a target or a shield? Or both?!


GOOD LUCK, all! 

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