Adventures in Design: Baseman talks with Mark Brickey

Now online is Baseman’s talk with Mark Brickey for the podcast Adventures in Design, a daily talk show that explores people who have designed happiness into their creative professional lives.

In this interview, done at DCON21, Brickey talks to Baseman about his influences growing up in Los Angeles, his creative process, the creation of his characters, and what Pervasive Art means to the artist today. Baseman coined the term “Pervasive Art” in the early 2000s to convey how contemporary artists cross media and platforms.

An insightful interviewer of a younger generation than Baseman, Brickey thinks of the term as being more of an accurate prediction of art to come in the future, especially with advancing technology and an increasingly competitive field.

Brickey says, “Gary was instrumental in his generation trying to figure out how to create different ways of creating new revenue streams… [but] he’s struggling with the idea that artists are being forced to become entrepreneurs … You and I have only known that world. I thought that being an entrepreneur and artist was the exact same thing.” 

For more musings by Baseman and Brickey, check out the episode “Crazy But Functional” HERE or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.



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