ORIG GOTH AHWROO hand-painted by Baseman ONLY 3 left


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Born from unrequited love, Goth Ahwroo emerges from Midnight to Mourning in search of his beloved. 

Dutiful in his observance of quarantine during the pandemic, Gary Baseman hand-painted some Ahwroos originally produced by 3DRetro. A nod to both Gothic literature and Goth subculture, Baseman created a new version of the vicious Ahwroo whose character howls for love in the dead of night.

Available exclusively on garybaseman.com, each Goth Ahwroo is one-of-a-kind. Each coded and signed figure comes attired in a special pleather collar and inverted cross, and comes with an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity.

Goth Ahwroo is sold as a blind box (surprise!) and comes with pink, blue, or white eyes with black or white pupils. 1 per customer.