New Halloween Drawings Available

Treat yourself to original art by Gary Baseman with a one-of-a-kind drawing inspired by the artist’s vintage photograph collection.

In this new series, Baseman reinterprets some of his favorite otherworldly photos featured in his sold out book Nightmares of Halloween Past. Created in his own humorous, dark and playful way, Baseman offers one-of-a-kind drawings that include the cover image of Cypress Park ghost and monster kids, costumed characters like Snoopy, Mickey Mouse and Tweety Bird, black cats, aliens, clowns and more.

Why collect original art by Baseman?  Because original art is a powerful way to express your personality and passions. Original art is one-of-a-kind, conceived and created with the hand of the artist. Baseman created these priced-to-sell works to inspire imaginations and remind everyone of childhood, dreams, nightmares, and the importance of play. 

This online gallery closed Friday, Nov 4 at 5pm Pacific.

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