All Hallows Eve Original Art Sale (now through Nov 14)

Treat yourself to original art by Gary Baseman with a one-of-a-kind drawing or painting to celebrate Halloween and its cast of spooky and beloved characters. A fun occasion to pretend to be someone or something else, Halloween is Baseman’s favorite holiday that has long inspired him as an artist. Since childhood, he has regularly depicted black cats, skeletons, devils and monsters in his art – even outside of the holiday. 

Click HERE to access the online art gallery, live only through November 14. 

Why collect original art by Baseman?  Because original art is a powerful way to express your personality and passions. Original art is one-of-a-kind, conceived and created with the hand of the artist. Baseman created these priced-to-sell works to inspire imaginations and remind everyone of childhood, dreams, nightmares, and the importance of play. 

If you must absolutely have a certain artwork, and would to inquire about price or payment options, please feel free to contact us HERE or via email HERE. All original art comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, and US domestic shipping is free.

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